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These are just a sampling of some of the most common application uses. If you have another use in mind, please
contact us to see if it is feasible.

Direct Mailers: Send a profile shaped mailer which will stand out based on its non-rectangular shape. If you want your mail to get noticed right away, this is a great format. This format typically delivers five to fifty times greater response, revenue and ROI.

Magazine Inserts: Use the Profiles within a magazine insert to captivate the reader's attention. 91% remember a high-impact & interactive insert." - Time study

Promotional/Giveaways: Use as giveaways to include a promotional message.

Tradeshow Collateral: These can be great for collateral at your tradeshow or event to help your product or service offering stand out.

Event Schedules/Invitations: Use this creative shaped card to get your event noticed. Include your sports team schedule, event schedule or any other type of schedule on this piece.

Gift Card Holders: Create a custom shaped Gift Card holder that will make a lasting impression for your brand and consumer.

Sales Collateral: What can we say? If you want to get noticed, you need to use something that is eye catching.

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