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Why should I consider using the Popfotocard™ for my business card?

3 Dimensional Pop-up marketing pieces are known to have a greater response rate than traditional 2D media and also have a higher initial impact. These hands-on Pop-up business cards trigger a response rate that is up to 50 times the normal rate.

Consider what our customers are saying:

“I'm getting tremendous response on the cards. I had someone tell me at a conference last night - "I've been given 8,000 cards and this is the most impressive one by far". - Jason Kimball, Elevate.

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What is the bottom line?

It is about improving your ROI (return-on-investment) by putting you in a position to close more business. How can you close business if you or your offering is not made memorable?

What features are available?

Pop-up Element: You can choose to have any image which will represent your company the best as the Pop-up element in the card. This could be a photo, logo or other artwork file. For example, if you are a car dealership, you could have an image of a car for the Pop-up.

Full Color Printing: Create instant WOW with the use of full color printing (4/4). Pricing includes printing in color on both sides of the card.

Paper Stock: Our standard cards include printing on 14pt Premium card stock. This is a heavy, thick and durable card stock.

Card Finish: Choose between UV Gloss or Matte dull finish.

Use of Photography: Studies have shown that people are more likely to hold onto a business card with a photo on it. It could be your picture, a picture of your product or image that portrays your message. We have access to hundreds of thousands of stock images to help achieve your objectives.

Design: We offer full graphic design and layout services to assist you in getting your card just right.

Do you need help with designing or laying out your Pop-up Business Cards? We offer design services. For more information regarding our design services, click here...
PopfotoCard - Business Cards

First impressions make lasting impressions.

What impression does your business card make? Does your business card help you to stand out from your competitors and others?

Business cards are typically one of the most overlooked weapons in the marketing arsenal.

Everyone needs business cards, yet many stop short at creating an effective card which can help them get noticed and differentiate themselves from their competition. If designed properly this little piece of paper will not only let people know how to contact you but also tell them
why they should contact you.
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