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Generate Personalized URL's

> The mailing list is used to automatically generate Personalized URL's for each individual record in your mail file.
> Personalized URL's invite each mail recipient to their own personalized microsite showcasing your product or service (or other use).
> Allows for a way for respondents to respond online instantly.

VIP Landing Pages

> Create VIP Landing Pages that integrate and expand your direct marketing message or offer.
> Personalize your responder's initial online visit with the use of variable data and images.
> Set marketing triggers to flag important responder preferences.

Profile, Survey, & Engage Responders

> Profile responders based on their preferences.
> Survey responders to obtain KEY information.
> Engage responders to begin a self-serve transaction, request dialogue with a company representative, or request further information.

Track & Manage Results in Real Time

> Generate powerful reports which allow you to gain immediate insight into the effectiveness of your direct marketing campaign.
> Track results by individual responder, visitor profile and a host of other variables.
> Route leads to the appropriate representatives via multiple communications platforms, including CRM, email, cell phone and pager in
How PURL's Work?
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