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Are you considering using Direct Mail for the first time? Why consider utilizing this method of marketing? Read the article to find out.


It is true that direct mail advertising is relatively expensive per recipient, so what do you, the advertiser get for the money you spend? Why spend it on direct mail? Why not buy billboards, AdWords, or radio spots or even a sandwich sign and stand on the street corner? Well, these may be part of your marketing mix, yet here are just a few things to remember about why you should utilize direct mail.

Consider these advantages:

First, direct mail can be precisely targeted. You determine who gets your message by creating a mailing list searching for specific details, such as, Demographics; SIC Codes, Years in Business, Age, Income, etc. You are then able to target a group of people who are most receptive to your offering with a highly focused message.
The closer we are to our target, the better our response will be. Another advantage of direct mail is the ability of your message to have one-on-one contact with the recipient. Nothing will be competing with your message when they are looking directly at your piece. Granted, you need to stand out from the clutter of other mail, but once you have their attention, your piece has their exclusive attention.

Direct mail can also offer tracking. Did you say I can track direct mail results? Yes, absolutely! By adding a Personalized URL (PURL) to your mail piece, you can direct recipients to a micro-site and measure your results. This allows you to know precisely what worked and what didn't and to monitor your Return-on-Investment. With tracking, you not only can evaluate your results, but you can test and refine your message in a way no other medium offers.

In fact, adding a
PURL to your mail campaign is a great way to leverage you into the best possible chance of success. Personalized URL’s allow you to utilize a cross-media approach, using Direct Mail, Email & Web and engage the recipients multiple times for multiple touches. This approach has been known to lift results!

If you
do not do these things when you mail: target carefully and track carefully, then you could be wasting a big advantage direct mail offers.

Here are a few additional advantages of direct mail:

- Very fast time frame from concept to “in-hands” delivery

- Creativity and adaptability. What can you mail? Almost anything! Mail a box, a unique shaped mailer, a pop-up, etc. Make it beautiful, funny, attention-grabbing and memorable.

- Samples. Yes you can send trial samples of product. Send a taste test, product sample, scented item, etc. Let the recipient interact with your product.

- Immediate Response. You can have a call to action, such as a PURL, Business Reply Card, Phone number or Email and get a very fast response.

So give direct mail a try. A well designed plan with a high impact piece that stands out will get good results!

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